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Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey is a portrait series that explores the idea that every person has different sides to their personality. It is a blending of images and words to tell a balanced story. These are their photos, these are their shades of grey.


Photographed & Edited by: Megan Monteiro

“Whenever I think of the word balance, I think of a balanced life; balancing school, work, family, friends, your health and well-being, etc. I feel that everyone strives to have this perfectly balanced life, that balance is needed to have a successful and fulfilling life. I would agree and say that it is important to have balance in your life, and it is something I strive to maintain -though it definitely isn’t always easy, I hope to achieve it someday.”


Photographed by Jessica Trinchini, Edited by Megan Monteiro

“Balance is living life in moderation. It reminds me to enjoy both spectrums of my life; having fun with my friends and family, but also dedicating time to myself.”


Photographed & Edited by: Megan Monteiro

“Balance can be synonymous with harmony. The simultaneous functioning of different parts to provide stability and equilibrium. Too much or too little of one thing can disrupt the harmony of everything. What creates balance for one person might create chaos for another.”


Photographed by Jessica Trinchini, Edited by Megan Monteiro

“To me, balance is how to deal with all things in your life without stress. I try to plan out my day before hand so that I don’t run into trouble.”


Photographed & Edited by: Megan Monteiro

“I try to have a balance in everything I do: A balance between work and play, a balance between a healthy diet and treating myself, And a balance between being happy and sometimes letting myself be sad! Having a consistent balance in everything helps me get everything I need and I think it really helps me deal with my mental health issues. I guess I’m still trying to figure out what other sectors of life I should have more balance in…”

I am a firm believer that a compelling photo can speak the words that we could never vocalize

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