Every Puck Has Two Faces; Each Telling A Different Story

Every Puck has Two Faces was created to showcase the different sides of Toronto’s sports fandom. We often only hear from the fans themselves, but what about those who don’t enjoy sports? Since Toronto has such a massive sports scene, I decided to focus on one sport, hockey. I wanted to convey a sense of balance by interviewing both fans of the sport, and people living within the city of Toronto who do not care for sports. Is the realm of Toronto’s sporting culture really what we think it is?


“The G.O.A.T.”

“No relevance.”

“Just a random guy.”

“The future is now.”

“Watching their idols.”

“Just some kids watching a sport.”

“Why, just why.”

“Good ol’ Freddy.”

“Making kids’ dreams come true.”


“Good sportsmanship.”


“It’s nothing special, and one day they’ll realize it.”

“That is definitely not my dream.”



“Good sportsmanship.”

“It’s just a puck.”



“He is going to go far in his hockey career.”

“The future of this team.”

“No skill.”

“He can’t shoot.”

“I can do better and I don’t even play.”


“Love that guy!”

“Best mascot.”

“For the love of the game.”

“What does a bear have to do with the leafs?”

“Worst mascot ever.”



“Standing up for our team.”

“Loyal fans.”

“This is what the sport is all about.”

“Passionate fans!”



“What are they trying to prove.”

“Turn around and watch the game.”

“Sea of blue and white.”

“Leafs Nation coming together as one.”

“Showing love and support for our home team.”

“Leafs forever!”


“Waste of time, there are so many better things to do than go out and watch a hockey game.”

“Hate sports, hate everything about sports.”

“Waste of money.”

“Cheering on false hope.”

“A thank you to your fans.”

“End of game salute.”

“Win, win, win.”

“Thank you for wasting your money to watch us play.”

“Not one of them can play.”

“Get off the ice!”

“Three stars of the game.”

“Two legends.”

“Love these guys.”

“They always deserve a star.”

“They’re not even that good.”

“Who are these guys?”

“What part of the game is this?”

“What is the big deal!?”

I am a visual communications student studying at the University of Guelph-Humber. I have a very strong passion for photography and visual design; along with these, I am an avid sports fan who loves to watch every game! I love using my skills that I have developed in my years of school and showcasing my love for these sports. In my free time I enjoy taking action photos of all kinds of sports, and talking to people about their opinion of particular sports.

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