march, 2019

06mar3:53 pm3:53 pmNo Face LadyBy Asuka LaPierre

illustration for no face lady poem



No face lady with the flowy dress

disappears into the wind.

She creeps, creeps, creeps;

we never know until it’s too late.


We wait with uncertainty,

leaving us in insanity

when we start thinking about

no face lady with the flowy dress.


Engulfed by her ribbons,

a wonder and beauty,

no face lady with the flowy dress

flies away with the souls of her prey.


I saw her standing in front of me,

elegant to the naïve eye of a child.

When faced with adversity

a gust of smoke summons her mysteriously.


She doesn’t creep, she floats;

her figure expanding as seconds roll by.

Now, face to face with my enemy –

behind me – she’s behind me.


I don’t know how it’s possible

that you breathe both life out of me

and into me simultaneously.

No face lady has a way.


When we finally touch, I’ll know

end of the line has caught up to me.

I’ve run out of ribbon to hold onto

No face lady with the flowy dress


Got to me


Illustration by Adam Butzow

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