march, 2019

05mar3:53 pm3:53 pmYou Are What I Eatby Michael Del Vecchio

Piece of toast with rubble in it


My glazed-over eyes

Look upon midnight fries

Leftover spoils from an evening of munching

No one sees me creep across the kitchen,



I’m not satisfied with fries

So I’ll eat every piece of food inside

To dispose of everything touching my eyes

I gnash at plastic wrap

Fill my hands with wires and glass

Now the fridge holds nothing

And I hold its past


I chew through the walls of my house until the building collapses

Rubble, digested

Streets, infested

My sights are set on city hall


I welcome the protests and sneers

from friends, family, strangers, peers

Their dissent is dessert

I feed on the masses –

“This can’t last much longer!”

Regardless, my teeth always clamp down stronger


Others feel neglect

The sting of self-proclaimed abandonment

They boycott society to support me instead

I am the only one left to choose

Their views, I consume


The thoughts I devour make a home in my mind

and twist out my insides

The lanes behind my face become free to claim

Whose memories ooze through new tubes in my brain?


You recognize my face and that’s what you trust

But it doesn’t stand for what you think it does

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