march, 2019

19mar1:00 am1:00 amColour my WorldBy Asuka LaPierre

abstract drawing of woman's face


When the world is black and white

What do you do?

When the world is bland, uptight

What do you do?

You can’t see the world

The way I do

It hurts to say when you’re away

I miss you



The world loses its colours

It’s all black and white

I need to paint my world

Or I might lose my light

Colour the places

I could only dream

In my imagination

Is the perfect scheme


When I’m trying to find my art

Where do I look?

When I’m looking for my heart

Where do I look?

I can’t be creative

In ways I used to

I will admit I’m passionate, but uninspired




When the words don’t come out right

What do you write?

When the music isn’t clear

What do you hear?

When the canvas is all white

Theres nothing here

It’s safe to say when you’re away

I need you near





Illustration by Jennifer Crozier






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