april, 2019

04apr1:00 am1:00 amBodyBy Ashley Star

woman's hips in white bodysuit




Such a Simple word to pronounce, made up of only four letters and two syllables but carries the pressure of the whole alphabet trying to burst through three layers of steel doors that are bolted shut.




A word that sounds as if referring to a physical object, but in reality is the live demonstration of the epitome called imperfection.


Every time I hear that word I cringe. Not because of the word itself, but all the flaws that I see of my own appearing in my mind or in the mirror or in the picture OR…




They say we only have one and we should cherish this as our sacred home, but maybe I don’t want to live here! Maybe I would rather erase my flaws and imperfections and trade it for a new home which I can truly learn to love. If not, what’s the point in living here. It’s like telling the world all of your secrets and expecting them not to look at you any differently.


Because even though they say that your body is “okay,” you know damn well those lies have simply slithered out from the roots of their clenched teeth to avoid further conflict.


Some say bodies come in all shapes and sizes and do not define you.


Here, you can have mine.



Photo by Leighann Renee on Unsplash

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