march, 2019

20mar6:22 pm6:22 pmAre you Depressed?By Alex Jones

unmade bed in low light


Depression looks different on everybody

But it’s has the same common things

fatigue, it makes your mind muddy

Lack of appetite, dysfunction, your body stings

You can’t get out of bed and you can’t shower

You sleep too much, you don’t sleep at all

You have no power

Your body doesn’t understand, but your mind answers the call

I feel all those things, day after day

But I get out of bed

I wash my hair, I go to work, and the day still seems grey

I eat and I laugh, I rinse and repeat

I never go a day without

Doing any of these things

So I ask myself

Am I really depressed?

I feel like my bodies dead

Going through the motions I’m used to doing

I’ve done this for years

My body aches from the weight of my life

The aches and pains I’ve felt since I was ten

I don’t even feel it when it cuts through me like a knife

Trapped in my mind and body

The pain and anger I carry from my parents

Passed onto me unwanted and never once

Did I ask for this weight

I never miss a day of work

I never miss a shower

I never miss a meal

So I ask myself

Am I really depressed?


Photo by Robert Nelson on Unsplash

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