april, 2019

16apr1:00 am1:00 amA Little LongerBy Reeti Meenakshi Rohilla

silhouette of a large clock


Stay a little longer,

Give me a moment to make myself stronger.


May what the odds be,

I got to conquer.


Caught up in all this distress,

Unfortunate phase of life?

Well, it was due to my aggress.


Life goes on,

And I must live it big, nevertheless.


If you could just stay a little longer,

I wouldn’t as much wander, I guess.


Life now feels like a critical game of chess,

King, Queen and the kingdom, it’s all a mess.


However, I must not stress,

Time will give us a chance to start afresh.


Because if you stay a little longer and rest,

We might not make it past this test.



Photo by Murray Campbell on Unsplash

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