march, 2019

26mar1:00 am1:00 amThe MetamorphosisBy Janessa Cockburn

Mountains with bright sky


As I engulf on this journey feeling through each

and every wave

I’ve learned what it means to evolve and reclaim

I no longer sit back and wallow in shame

The rain has cleared to make way for a new day


What would I do without you?

Old friend of the night

The silence that fills my mind allowing in some light


Alone with my thoughts for better or worse

This time is essential to my spirits rebirth


Here is the place I find myself again

Reflecting the pieces that I have denied for so long

Healing the traumas that tend to linger on


Releasing my fears

Setting them free


Thank you Old friend

for leading me home


And it’s in the quietness of the night when the sun

is just waking up

When thoughts of creativity soar

It’s around this time when you can feel your soul

waking up

To emerge yourself in this mystical energy that

gently holds me and guides us to new heights


I think of all the times I’ve given my power away to

other souls in hopes of healing them whole


Only to create waves of unrequited coastal shores

and killing the roses that just began to grow


It is in these quiet moments that I remember

I am the nectar that gives life to the honey bees

And the Sun that radiates divinity


Showing me the power I have held all along

Beautifully free I accept my divine femininity


Spreading my wings and loving all of me

This is the beginning of loving ourselves






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