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Beneath the Shallows

Beneath the Shallows is a series of three mixed media collages representing the emotions impacting individuals living with mental illness. Each collage brings a sense of understanding and evokes emotions to encourage the viewer to connect and understand the emotional distraught felt in the everyday lives of these individuals. These collages feature text written by Amelea Sutherland.

collage 3

It’s being paralyzed

You wake up and

you have so much you want to do

And then

You just

End up sleeping

Your whole day away



It’s an anchor literally tied to your ankle

You’re struggling so hard not to let

those things bring you down

You’re trying to swim but sometimes you just


Hold that weight

And then you just start sinking a little more and eventually

You just give up gasping

for air




Okay, take a breath.

It’s okay to sit with yourself

I’ll be here for you.

collage 1

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  • Frank

    Aloquently stated imagery. Yes. I feel that Maia communicates understanding through her work and the words are there only to confirm my response.


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