Author: EMERGE Video Team

On the verge of Emerge, the investigator must hunt down Paol to find out more information that could possibly get him one step closer to understanding what Emerge really is.

Yoga and Paws for a Cause is a ticketed fundraising event aimed to raise funds and awareness for the Toronto Humane Society.

Networking made easy, ConNext is an EMERGE run, unique networking opportunity for GH and Humber Students.

OnBrand is a speakers panel event encompassing all things social media and brand ambassadorship related.

Explore social media’s role in helping achieve justice through hashtag activism by challenging the social norms that have enabled and normalized the oppression of minority groups for decades.

Emerge Above The Stigma is a mental health-focused speaker event with the goal to educate post-secondary students about the importance of prioritizing your mental health.

Welcome to the first episode of Kitchen Diaries! We explore different diets to challenge the idea of what a “healthy diet” means to each of us.

Housing Hassles takes a look at the struggles young adults face while taking on the tough Toronto rental market.