Confessions of a pocket dialer

By: Amanda Braithwaite

Recalling the calls you’d have loved to kill

Lets her butt do the talking
“I said grey..”

“I’m seeing this guy who is more feminine than most. I don’t judge anyone for being homosexual or having feminine qualities – but as a girl who is interested in somebody with these qualities, you can’t help but have some questions. One night, after a date with my girly man, I came home to vent to my roommate. I went on and on for about five minutes about my confusion with his sexuality.

At the end of the conversation, I noticed our discussion about the possibility of him being “gay”, had become a voicemail in his inbox. I feared I would be confronted about my x-rated exchange with my roommate, but I never was. I’m still dating him and I’m still confused.”

– Sophia, 21

How my pop heard the cougar
It was the morning after a great night out, and my friend and I were just waking up, trying to piece our night together.

On this particular morning, I happened to be the centre of attention. I had lost count of my drinks the night before, and ended hooking up with an older lady (a much older lady). My friends found this hilarious and were continuing to talk about my lady friend. They even started calling me Gravedigger. Midway through our conversation, I checked my phone to discover I had accidentally pocket-dialed my dad!

Later that day, he told me he heard everything. I have never been more embarrassed in my life. He still doesn’t let me live it down, and, from time to time, I’ll hear him call “Gravedigger” when he calls me to dinner.

– Lucas

Horrible hook-up, almost disaster
I never do anything like this, but this one time, I fooled around with this guy while dating someone else.

The hook-up was horrible, not even worth it, and I had to vent right away. I went over to my friend’s house to confess my naughty behaviour and whine about how awful it was.

Midway through my story, I looked down at my phone to discover I had been on a phone call with my boyfriend for more than five minutes! Terrified, I texted him right away to figure out if or how much he had heard, and he said he was busy and had missed the call. I then proceeded to call Telus pretending to be my boyfriend by giving them all the information I knew. I was able to retrieve his voicemail password and hack into his account, only to hear a message saying, “This voicemail inbox has not been set up.”

Thank God my boyfriend didn’t hear, and we are still together.

And thanks to Telus for having such low security! I’m always going to check my phone before spilling my secrets from now on.

– Melissa, 23

My man, his mother, and me
So, I must begin this story by first letting you know I had just bought the Blackberry Torch, and the speaker phone is very finicky on the touch screen.

My good friend drove to London where we were both going to meet up with our desired men and go out for the night.

The next morning, I was sitting at the breakfast table with my man and his mother, curing my hangover and awaiting my friend’s call. When the phone rang, and I saw it was her, I quickly answered it, saying “hello”. To my surprise, I didn’t get a “hello” back. However, I did hear my friend’s voice. She must have accidentally dialed my number while having sex with her man before she came to pick me up. This wouldn’t have been so bad if my phone wasn’t on speakerphone for the entire house to hear!

About an hour later, she called me again, this time to let me know she was on her way. I never told her what she had done just an hour before and when she arrived to pick me up, she came in to say hello to my boyfriend and his family. I still haven’t told her about what I heard, and, neither of us go to London anymore.

– Alexandra, 22



If it’s in your POCKET, LOCK IT!
Always, always remember to lock your phone before you throw it in your purse or pocket. Your butt could write a whole e-mail to your boss on your walk to class, and that’s something you just don’t want to have to explain.

Case closed
Get a case for your phone. Now, you can buy a case that acts like a holster for any phone. Not only are the buttons protected from any accidental calls, but the case protects the screen and back from getting damaged or scratched.

Keep your phone away from children. Kids see lights and love to press buttons. In the hands of a child, a lot can be done in a short span of time with your phone.

Don’t trust your backside
Don’t use your back pocket as a phone carrier. Even if your phone is locked, buttons can easily get pushed when your phone is in a tight place. Your purse, knapsack or sweater pockets are safer bets.

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