Before you turn 30

By Sarah Subnath

Typically, a bucket list is a set of goals that one hopes to accomplish before dying. The following, however, are 10 things you should do before reaching the age of 30.

10. Make a personal YouTube video

Film yourself singing, dancing or even doing a tutorial, and post it onto YouTube channel. You may just get your “15 minutes of fame.”

9. Audition for Canada’s Got Talent

You may not know how to sing, but you can definitely still try out for this Canadian version of the popular American talent competition.

8. Have a one night stand

Before marriage and kids, you may want to try having that one night with no strings attached.

Letting your wild side show once in a while will bring good stories and laughs down the road.

7. Learn Another Language

Living in Canada, it is always beneficial to know another language, especially an official one. Learn French.

6. CN Tower’s Edge Walk

Visitors to Toronto ’s CN Tower can walk the perimeter of the roof. Dare to get strapped up and test your fears? Toronto resident Blaise Power, 25, said she had her “butt hanging off the edge of the tower” as a guide made the group do activities like squats while on the roof. If you have a fear of heights, overcome them with this challenge.

5. Zip lining in Vancouver

Flying free across a suspended cable, between the mountains in Vancouver?! Nothing can get any more awesome than that!

4. Go Skydiving

Blindfolded and handcuffed to his waist, escape artist Scott Hammell, 27, made it into the 2010 Guinness Book of Records when jumped 11,000 ft. just outside of Hamilton, Ont. “There is nothing on Earth like it,” recalled Hammell. “No car, or roller coaster can simulate it, and the mental rush you get from jumping out of an actual airplane cannot be duplicated.”

3. Finish school

By 30, try to at least have one degree down. Maybe two. Or three . . . whatever floats your boat.

2. Go to Las Vegas

In Toronto, you can gamble at 19. In the United States however, it’s 21. Making the trip to the gambling and party capital of the world should be one of your adult duties.

1.  Move out of your parents’ house and get your own place

It’s just not classy to bring your date home, and have them see you’re 29 and still living with your mom and dad. Before 30, try at the very least, to get our own home and step out on your own two feet.

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