All in a day’s work

By: Christian Gennara

March 1 will always be a memorable day for me. I was researching a story that I wanted to get on air. I found a story about a U.S. study that concluded male fruit flies that were rejected sexually turned to alcohol for comfort. I was able to find audio to accompany the story, so I ran with the idea.

I wrote a story, recorded the audio and came up with a suitable clip, and then voiced it. My editor liked the story so she had me do a headline for it, and threw it into the anchor lineup just prior to midnight.

It was the first time I created a headline, and it was the first time my voicer got put on air. It was a truly exciting night for me, and my family, whom I shared the good news with.

It is another goal of mine moving forward to continue to get copy and voicers put on air.

Nothing feels more invigorating than hearing your voice and your hard work on the radio for hundreds, or even thousands, to hear.

A shot of adrenaline struck the newsroom when word came out that Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Ron Wilson had been fired.

Immediately, every one in the newsroom was scanning Twitter for sources to confirm the news. Copy was quickly written, as the anchors went live to inform listeners.

I was asked to get streeters about fans’ reactions to the firing. It was the first time I had completed streeters at my internship. Regardless of the rain, I excitedly left the newsroom.

I was able to get about seven or eight answers from those in the Yonge and Bloor area. Having a busy Friday night made me feel as if I actually contributed something of importance to the broadcast.

It was a great feeling. I know I am ready to take on more responsibility, and a greater role.

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