Starving artist? Ha! Try starving intern!

By Lisa MacNeill

If you have a part time job, and you hate it, take a second and think about us in the real world. Or, shall I say, the intern world.

Maybe you have a bitchy boss, or you work in retail and you have to deal with mean customers, but let me tell you . . . it gets worse. I’ve done it all, worked in restaurants, call centres (I was repeatedly called a “stupid woman”) and in retail where my feet ache beyond belief by the end of the night.

While being an intern is a great experience, you learn a lot. I wouldn’t trade my job for the world. Ontario makes my retail job even better. Thanks to the Employment Standards Act, I’m entitled to a 30-minute break for eating! That’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard. A whole 30-minutes, to myself . . . just to eat!? Yeah, I’ll take that!

What I didn’t understand was that as an intern, you don’t get those really cool things called breaks. If you have time, you take lunch, but have to make it quick. If you don’t have time, you shovel food into your mouth while typing frantically to meet deadlines. And if you really don’t have time, you skip eating altogether.

The only breaks that I’m familiar with as an intern are the breaks of my nails as I cut paper, and continue to type my life away.

So your job might seem like it sucks, but just remember that at least you get to eat, and think of me as I wilt away.


Starving Intern

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