Avoid Morning Stress With These Quick Fixes

Have you ever woke up in the morning to find stains from your spray-on tan all over your clothes or bed sheets? Or even find the perfect polish job you did last night all smudged?

Don’t start off your day on a bad note, here are a few ways to keep the good in good morning!


Waking up to find your skin colour on your bed sheet and pj’s can be really frustrating. But we all know the best time to use any fake-bake is at night to let your skin absorb it. But how can you avoid having the glow leave your skin and smear on your sheets? Pat a thin layer of baby powder over your skin to absorb any remaining moisture and also leaving your skin soft and smooth.



No matter how much oral maintenance you do at night, you’re more than likely to wake up with morning breath. That’s not something to look forward to, but there’s a lot you can do to reduce it.

Do you ever remember your mother tell you she’ll wash your mouth out with soap/soap your tongue if you keep on saying rude things or swear words? Well, the concept is the same: brushing your tongue or using a tongue cleaner can help clean off the lingering bacteria (or bad words, in the situation with your Mom) from the surface of your tongue.



This one happens to me all the time – I go to bed thinking my polish is dry but I’ll wake up in the morning with my polish shifted and smudged. That makes my blood boil. But here’s a tip to cool down your ego: grab a (thick-ish) fast-dry top coat and apply that to your smudged nails.

The thickness of the top coat should not only moisten the polish that’s already there, it will also re-finalize the nail. You wouldn’t even know that it ever smudged!



Waking up next to pillows filled with black leftovers from waterproof mascara that was left over the night before isn’t fabulous. So what do you do to work around it? Maybe your cleanser isn’t as strong as you think it is. Try using an oil-based makeup remover to get rid of hard-to-remove makeup before using your cleanser.

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