David Versis: The Climb to Relevance

By: Tariq Sbiet

When working to achieve a goal in any walk of life, progress is vital. It is a reason to move forward and serves as added fuel to one’s ambition. Progress reflects an individual’s diligence, determination and work ethic.

For 24-year old David DaRosa, also known as David Versis, the music industry is gradually feeling his presence due to the strides he’s made in his young, blossoming career.

The Mississauga-based rapper entered the public spotlight just over a year ago with his first major release, entitled Hate to Say It.  In the process, Versis has earned the attention of Toronto record label executives, DJs, and producers.

He sold out his first solo show in Toronto, garnering lots of positive feed-back.

“It has been interesting…before I started I said that if I didn’t see myself at a certain level within a year, I would not continue with music.”

Despite some early success, Versis looks to his long-term goals and understands that he is yet to scratch the surface.

“I feel like I’m in a good position here early on and it looks like there are opportunities right around the corner…the main thing is that I keep producing original tracks for my fanbase.”

As he continues to squeeze the juices out of Hate to Say it, Versis plans for the release of his much anticipated second major project, titled, PSALMS (Poetic Symphonies and Like Minded souls).

He has managed to build a mass North American following through the viral world with previous songs reaching a minimum of 20,000 views on YouTube, with an increase on each new video.

The music produced captures a wide demographic due to the combination of his intelligence, wit and versatility.

There are thousands of artists in the competitive hip-hop industry vying for a chance to make a living, let alone being dubbed as “the next big thing” out of Canada, following the success of the city’s own Drake.

Versis can play the piano, guitar, rap, sing, and produce. And he does so at a high level.

“I’m trying to bring a new flavour to the industry because I feel like a lot of people can relate to my music,” he explains. “Implementing different genres while showcasing my versatility reaches a wider audience and seems to impress them at the same time…I’m hitting two birds with one stone.”

Arthur McArthur is the executive producer on PSALMS.

“This is do or die. I have taken my time working on this project and I’m not settling. If I’m going to blow, the time is now.”

The climb continues.

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