Put Your Makeup On Double Duty!

By Camille Co

Having to tote around tons of makeup in heavy train cases is a real drag, especially when you’re constantly moving or needing to do touch-ups. What do you do when your outfit doesn’t match any of the colours of nail polish you have? How do you achieve a quick-fix that doesn’t involve going out of your way to find and spend big bucks just to have the shade on your fingertips?

Whether it is foundation, hairspray, eyeshadow or mascara, these beauty essentials have the ability of being used in more than one way, lessening your load and also help you save a bit of money.

Foundation is your concealer

Spot a blemish? Easiest way to cover it up is with the hardened foundation found around the spout and inside the lid. Scrape out the hardened base and apply it where you want to hide your imperfections.

Try this!
: Maybelline SuperStay Foundation

Moisturizer + Foundation is your BB Cream

Always wanted to try a BB Cream but can’t find the perfect shade to match your skin colour? Mix two parts of your morning moisturizer with one part of your foundation (given it matches your skin tone) and mix well. Instantly, you have your moisturizing, and semi-tinted homemade BB Cream.


Try this!: Glysomed Face Moisturizer + Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Bronzer as your eye shadow

Craving a sun kissed look for those gloomy days? Swipe the bronzer onto your lids to match your bronzed chiseled cheek bones. Not only will you avoid carrying several compacts and palates of eye shadow, you’ll stay neutral and have a nice glowing complexion.

Try this!
: Nars’ Bronzer

Lipstick as your blush

Don’t pinch your cheeks to get that rosy tone. If you don’t have blush or you don’t want to carry around the compact, take your favourite shade of red lipstick and use that as an alternative.

Take your ring finger and drag it softly against the tip of the lipstick, making sure not to apply too much pressure (don’t wanna break your bullet!). Once you’ve picked up some of the pigment, tap it softly against your cheeks so you don’t put too much of the colour in one area.

Try this!
: Revlon’s ColorBurst Lipstick

Mascara as your eye liner

Quick fix for eye liner when you don’t want to carry long eye liners that stick out of a makeup purse: mascara! Take an angled brush and scrape excess mascara off the wand. Swipe it across your lids and it will look like liquid eye liner. Use waterproof mascara as a waterproof eye liner.

Try this!:
Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Hairspray as your brow sealer

Tame your brows the same way you would tame the hair atop your head.  After you’ve filled in your brows, spray a bit of hairspray onto your fingertips and smooth out your brows making sure the hairs are facing one way.

Try this!:
 Herbal Essences Volumizing hairspray

Eye shadow as your nail polish

Take your favourite eye shadow colour and mix it with a clear or top coat nail polish. Instantly get the nail polish colour you need without having to take a trip down to the drug store and spending dollars on colours you’ll only use once.

Try this!: 
Cover Girl Eye Enhancers + Sephora by OPI Top Coat

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