That Tech Guy: The iPad 3 concept video

By: Lucas Archer


On Wednesday March 7th, Apple will hold an invitation only event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.  The event is expected to be where the billion dollar corporation will debut the latest technology that will be the cause of your latest debt, the iPad 3.  Now, we know nothing official about the iPad despite rumor blogs telling you so speculating is a waste of my time and yours.  What we can talk about though is an interesting video that has gone viral that is essentially a concept video for the iPad 3, which you can check out below:

Now before people get too excited lets reiterate, this is a computer generated CONCEPT video created by 3D animation and digital content studio Aatma who are in no way affiliated with Apple nor anything involving the iPad 3.  The odds of any of these features (other than perhaps the edge to edge retina display) are slim at best.  However, the video does make us wonder how close are we to achieving this type of technology and releasing it to consumers.  NFC (or near field communications) is something we already use to a certain extent.  Mastercard’s Paypass and Visa’s PayWave are examples of using NFC to make payments so the technology is there, but the way the video uses it by allowing two iPad 3s to create a larger screen and to engage in multiplayer gameplay.  It’s a natural progression for the iPad, especially the multiplayer aspect.  There are games on the iPad already like Air Hockey that allow two players to play on the same iPad in a way similar to what the video shows.  Allowing two iPads to connect together to give players a larger playing surface makes sense and seems like a natural progression. Is this technology something we could see in the next 5 years? Definitely a possibility but I wouldn’t hold your breath for the iPad 3 to have the technology, maybe iPad 4 or 5.

Now the 3D hologram is where things become a lot more science fiction.  In the video, the iPad is able to create a laser control pad that project on both sides of the device to control the game.  The device also uses a 3D holographic display to create a game experience unlike anything that current 3D technology can create.  Laser keyboards already exist, with products like the VKB – Magic Cube being able to connect to all Bluetooth devices so it’s not inconceivable that an iPad to project such a keyboard.  Could they fit that technology into the iPad without making it too bulky or heavy?  It’s possible but as of now there is no device out there that has a built in VKB so the iPad 3 would be the first.  The holographic display I believe is far far off.  Like 5 to 10 years off.  Most of Apple’s innovations have been building on existing consumer products and making the best of that technology possible.  There is no holographic technology available on the consumer level, period.  We are a long way from that kind of technology being available in the iPad.

Speculating is fun, and seeing a studio’s wishlist for the future of tablets is fun.  The real fun though will be on March 7th when all the speculation ends and Apple shows their hand by unveiling their 3rd iteration of the iPad since 2010.

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