MASTERS OF THE NIGHTLIFE: Glamour Entertainment

By: Victoria Di Domenici

It doesn’t matter how late it is, the night is always young in the heart of downtown Toronto. The city lights, the chatter and shouts of club go-ers lining the streets, males and females rockin’ the latest fashions, ready for a night out on the town. Flashes of music pump out into the streets as club doors open and close, bouncers letting in the lucky and turning away the under dressed and those who had one too many before the club.  Strobe lights, musical vibrations, drinks flowing, and a good time; who’s to thank for some the hottest Friday and Saturday night parties in the GTA?

Glamour Entertainment – one of the most well known promotions companies, is, of course

CEO Elie Shermer and his 10-person team have established themselves as the go-to group in the Toronto nightlife scene.

“Originally, when I started the company in 2004, it was mainly to just have a company I owned so I could start to write off expenses for tax purposes,” Elie says. 

His entrepreneurial mindset and leadership abilities took Glamour Entertainment further than he ever expected. In 2008, he began managing the promotion effort at Orange Room, a club inside The Guvernment Entertainment Complex. 

“I decided to hire some young people to work on the night alongside me as promoters,” Elie says. Before he knew it, he had up to four people working for him every week, and even more during special events, like celebrity-hosted and holiday parties.

Young people began flocking to work for Elie, lusting after the nightlife and willing to put in the hard work and dedication to be able to experience it first-hand.

Elie’s executive assistants, Andre (Dre) Smith and Nammy Satku, are integral members of the Glamour Entertainment team.  While Dre’s main responsibilities include assisting Elie, managing the group of promoters and communicating with them when any issues may arise, Nammy is responsible for the organization and scheduling of the team.

The responsibilities of the promoters range from selling tickets to street promotion, which involves handing out flyers, cross-checking guest lists and taking ticket stubs.  

“More companies should be like Glamour because it’s not just a company, it’s a family,” Dre says. “We work well with everyone in the industry, and we bring value to the table. When your party is family based, then the vibe of the party is better.  Most of Toronto nightlife doesn’t consist of that.” 

Nammy adds that though the team may argue about personal preferences, at the end of the day, she wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. “Even outside of work, we have each other’s backs,” she says.    

“Glamour Entertainment is a full service promotion and event company,” Elie says. “We can create events from scratch using different venues in the city, and put our promoters as well as our music team on the event.” 

 Glamour Entertainment’s music team consists of deejays Adrian (DJ Illegal Alien) Reeves and Jason (DJ JC) Chuck, as well as emcee Lamar (King the MC) Robinson. “Our music team can play music right across the board,” Elie says. “From reggae, soca, and top 40 to old school, hip hop, R&B, and house music, we can do it all.” 

 While Glamour Entertainment hosts its parties, it also provides promotional and music services to others in the industry who host parties. “We offer a full entertainment solution for events,” Nammy says. “By having a strong deejay, emcee and a large promotions team, we are able to efficiently produce successful events that cater to all different audiences.” 

“We always bring a party vibe, with Alien’s up tempo style of play and my ability to command the crowd,” King says. Alien’s specialty is hip-hop and R&B, though he’s skilled in mixing all genres. 

“We have recognized our strengths with certain music genres, and have a feel for one another’s,” JC, who adds Caribbean flavour to his sets through reggae, soca, and dancehall, says.

Alien describes the unique sound of Glamour Entertainment’s parties as musical therapy. “We break new records, educate our own team and the crowd, as well as maintain the hype, the vibe, and memories of every time we play together.”

“The audience is drawn to us because in Toronto, you don’t usually see an emcee & deejay combo,” Alien also says. “We are the one-two punch of the city.”

The diversity and energy that Glamour Entertainment brings to any event is the reason for their success. They have worked with and collaborated on events featuring celebrities such as Drake, Mavado, Bow Wow, 112, P. Diddy, French Montana, Travis Porter, Lebron James, Trey Songz, Fabolous, and Ne-Yo.

Glamour Entertainment’s largest bi-annual event is called “Reggae or Die”, and averages 1,500 people. The event pays homage to reggae legends while offering an upbeat vibe by incorporating the latest and greatest in dancehall, hip-hop, and R&B music.

The next “Reggae or Die” is in early July, with many events to follow later on in the month, just in time for the annual Toronto Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival (Caribana.) 

As a prelude to these reggae and dancehall-themed summer events, Glamour Entertainment will be hosting hip-hop themed “Crew Love” on April 27, at The Guvernment Entertainment Complex, with an expected 1, 500 to attend.

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