The Internist

Every week, Emerge Magazine will feature the experiences, stories and lessons learned from our writers as they work to complete their internships at media outlets across Toronto, the GTA and abroad.

The Internship Survival Guide

I hadn’t found myself feeling so insecure about much since my awkward days of pre-pubescence and adolescence. The bad hair, the meek persona and the delicate way I sauntered into the boys change room after gym class that might have been a bit too gay for the other teen boys were all valid reasons to feel insecure about myself. But I was 16 then and that was high school.

All in a day’s work

March 1 will always be a memorable day for me. I was researching a story that I wanted to get on air. I found a story about a U.S. study that concluded male fruit flies that were rejected sexually turned to alcohol for comfort. I was able to find audio to accompany the story, so I ran with the idea.

The Best Day of My Life

March 29, 2012 was by far the best day of my life. On this day, I was granted the opportunity to accompany a reporter while he covered the morning skate and game for the Toronto Maple Leafs. This was an absolute dream come true and to have this opportunity was just surreal. When we first arrived at the Air Canada Centre, we went town a tunnel past the Leafs’ dressing room.

Welcome to the Real World

At the end of this term, I will be walking away from my internship with a little bit more than journalistic experience.

I’ll be walking out with memories of a lot of good people, heart-breaking moments, one-on-one chats about life, awkward car rides with photographers I had literally just met, a big pile of newspaper articles and videos with my name on them and beginning a search for a new career.

Let’s go back to the start.

PR or Journalism? The decision of a lifetime

Let me tell you. There is no struggle like the struggle in the hunt for an internship. Okay, I’m kind of exaggerating, but I mean, I definitely didn’t take it as seriously as I should have at first. I was under the impression that, you know, you’d just apply, get an interview and ‘BOOM’, internship time! It’s pretty much free labour, right? Who wouldn’t want someone to work for free? Right? Wrong.

Starving artist? Ha! Try starving intern!

If you have a part time job, and you hate it, take a second and think about us in the real world. Or, shall I say, the intern world.

Maybe you have a bitchy boss, or you work in retail and you have to deal with mean customers, but let me tell you . . . it gets worse. I’ve done it all, worked in restaurants, call centres (I was repeatedly called a “stupid woman”) and in retail where my feet ache beyond belief by the end of the night.

Stepping into the sports world

Ever since I was a kid, and was introduced to the world of sports, I knew what my life calling was. Well, to be honest, I thought it was to be a professional athlete, but when reality actually hit me, it was to be a sports reporter. As I went through my final years of high school, I became acquainted with various aspects of media and decided to do my grade 12 co-op with Rogers TV.

Journalist turned Public Relations practitioner

My parents called me curious, my brother called me a snitch. My boyfriends were always awestruck when I found out what they were doing behind my back. My girl friends always came to me for the latest scoop on the other group.

Yup, journalism was my calling.

A Rich Experience

My internship at Elevate and Salon Magazine has been the most enjoyable experience throughout my four years at Guelph-Humber. At my intern job, I’ve been networking with professionals in the industry, working for the web and editorial teams where I gain new understanding about the industry and how it works. The best part about my internship is that I get a lot of freedom to write about what I want.