In the Living Green: Wacky Weather

By: Casandra London Ever wonder whats been going on with this wacky weather? Join Casandra London as she explores how the constant weather changes affects Torontonians and animals. Edited and shot by Casandra London and Akim Burke

In the Living Art: Rap Cypher

By: Jen Gata and Jermaine Murray In hip-hop lies a culture expressed through a variety of art forms including Djing, emceeing, break dancing, and graffiti.  Emerge Magazine explores the world of hip-hop by taking it back to the days when the sound of rap music first hit the streets in the early 80’s, with a […]

In the Living Art: Get to Know Chris Brooks

By: Jenn Gata and Jermaine Murray He might look like Kid Cudi’s twin brother, but Chris Brooks has a rap flow that sounds like no other. Chris has the ability to spit his lyrics as fast as Busta Rhymes or slow it down like a verse that has been chopped and screwed texas style.  Just […]

Whats Good: Alioli Restaurante

By: Michelle Nelson and Matt Appelt Looking for a little piece of Italy here in the GTA? Alioli Restaurante offers guests contemporary Italian cuisine set in an elegant, yet relaxed dining area. Located just off Burnhamthorpe Road & Highway 10 in Mississauga it’s a busy place. The restaurant’s specialty- wine. Alioli has welcomed guests to […]

90’s Baby

By: Jen Gata and Akim Burke Let’s rewind time and take it back to the 90’s.  Let’s wear colourful fashions, play with the hottest toys, listen to the number one hits, watch those classic television shows.  Emerge Magazine Online Host Jen Gata, find out what people remember about growing up in the 90’s. Directed by […]

Behind The Scenes #3:

Emerge Multimedia Producer Jen Gata, takes you behind the scenes of the makings of Emerge Magazine.  Find out what to expect in this month’s issue from Chief in Editors Sam O’Connor and J.J De Belen.

In the Living Art: Get to Know Brandon Dramatic

By: Jen Gata and Jermaine Murray Brandon Dramatic is a rapper coming out of the East end of Toronto who brings the jazzy vibe back into the hip-hop game.  The Scarborough native gives Emerge reporter Jermaine Murray an inside scoop of his up and coming projects talks about his mixtape Domino Jones. For more information […]

In the Living Art: Get to Know Richey Lynch

By: Jen Gata and Jermaine Murray Richey Lynch laces on his hottest kicks and takes his first step into the rap game.  This Brampton native is getting ready to release his first mixtape this June entiltled Strange News. Richey gives Emerge multimedia host Jen Gata the 411 about his motivation to start rapping.  For more […]

In the Living Art: Get to Know Schooly

By: Jen Gata and Jermaine Murray Meet one of Rexdale’s most hard working rappers: Schooly.  This rapper has produced five mix tapes in a span of three years and is currently working on another project while trying out new sounds working with different producers.  Schooly gives Emerge multimedia host Jen Gata, a break down about […]

Emerge Bloopers

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