All in a day’s work

March 1 will always be a memorable day for me. I was researching a story that I wanted to get on air. I found a story about a U.S. study that concluded male fruit flies that were rejected sexually turned to alcohol for comfort. I was able to find audio to accompany the story, so I ran with the idea.

Friendly Fire turns awry

By: Melissa Schultz   Every week, Emerge Magazine will feature the experiences, stories and lessons learned from our writers as they work to complete their internships at media outlets across Toronto, the GTA and abroad.    I was nauseous with nerves and sweating from the packed subway. After being 10 minutes late because I went […]

Tears of pain, a world of hurt

The music world lost more than a voice Saturday; it lost a piece of its heart and soul. On the eve of the 54th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Whitney Houston was found dead in her Beverly Hills Hotel suite. The cause of the 48-year-old’s death is unknown. The autopsy results will not be made public for at least another eight weeks or so.