In the Living Green: Wacky Weather

By: Casandra London Ever wonder whats been going on with this wacky weather? Join Casandra London as she explores how the constant weather changes affects Torontonians and animals. Edited and shot by Casandra London and Akim Burke

In the Living Art: Rap Cypher

By: Jen Gata and Jermaine Murray In hip-hop lies a culture expressed through a variety of art forms including Djing, emceeing, break dancing, and graffiti.  Emerge Magazine explores the world of hip-hop by taking it back to the days when the sound of rap music first hit the streets in the early 80’s, with a […]

90’s Baby

By: Jen Gata and Akim Burke Let’s rewind time and take it back to the 90’s.  Let’s wear colourful fashions, play with the hottest toys, listen to the number one hits, watch those classic television shows.  Emerge Magazine Online Host Jen Gata, find out what people remember about growing up in the 90’s. Directed by […]

Behind The Scenes #3:

Emerge Multimedia Producer Jen Gata, takes you behind the scenes of the makings of Emerge Magazine.  Find out what to expect in this month’s issue from Chief in Editors Sam O’Connor and J.J De Belen.

Journalist turned Public Relations practitioner

My parents called me curious, my brother called me a snitch. My boyfriends were always awestruck when I found out what they were doing behind my back. My girl friends always came to me for the latest scoop on the other group.

Yup, journalism was my calling.

A Rich Experience

My internship at Elevate and Salon Magazine has been the most enjoyable experience throughout my four years at Guelph-Humber. At my intern job, I’ve been networking with professionals in the industry, working for the web and editorial teams where I gain new understanding about the industry and how it works. The best part about my internship is that I get a lot of freedom to write about what I want.

Making strides one step at a time

By: Caitlin Connelly   Every week, Emerge Magazine will feature the experiences, stories and lessons learned from our writers as they work to complete their internships at media outlets across Toronto, the GTA and abroad.   Six months ago, I thought that looking for an internship was going to be extremely stressful. I envisioned myself […]