Real Life Tragedy Strikes A Chord In The Vow

Movie poster courtesy of Sony Pictures/Screen Gems

By Britany Murphy

With tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, it is only fitting that the number one film at the box office is a romantic tearjerker.

The Vow is based on true events inspired by married couple, Kim and Krickett Carpenter after a car accident changed their lives forever.

Canada’s sweetheart, Rachel McAdams plays the role of Paige for whom a‘moment of impact’ has disastrous consequences.

Paige and her husband, Leo, portrayed by Channing Tatum have been married for five years until a car accident changes everything. Paige has no recollection of her life with Leo or, that he is indeed, her husband.

The film follows McAdams’ character on her quest to figure out the missing gaps in her life, while Tatum tries to get her to see that she was always happy with him.

In this thrill ride of emotion, Leo vows to have his wife fall in love with him all over again. It’s a task that becomes impossible when Paige’s meddling parents played by Sam Neill and Jessica Lange, as well as her ex-fiancé played by fellow Canadian, Scott Speedman, come back into the picture.

The ups and downs are unexpected and with heartfelt, emotionally stirring performances by Tatum and McAdams, it is hard to not fall in love with the movie.

You find yourself rooting for both of them: for her to piece together the giant jigsaw puzzle that makes up her post-accident life and, for him, to win back the affection of the woman he’s loved for years.

If you are a looking for a romantic movie date with your significant other, planning a night out with the girls, or are just in need of a good cry, bring along some comfort food and a package of tissues to see The Vow.

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