Stepping into the sports world

By Tristan Trumpour

Ever since I was a kid, and was introduced to the world of sports, I knew what my life calling was. Well, to be honest, I thought it was to be a professional athlete, but when reality actually hit me, it was to be a sports reporter. As I went through my final years of high school, I became acquainted with various aspects of media and decided to do my grade 12 co-op with Rogers TV.

During my time there, I was told that in order to become a qualified sports reporter, I would have to complete a sports aptitude test, to determine what knowledge I had to bring to the table.

I was told these tests were very difficult and I grew nervous about them. You learn something about sports every time you watch an event on TV, read an article online, or listen to a radio talk show.

However, no matter the amount of information you take in, it is extremely difficult to retain it all.

This year, I fulfilled my childhood dream of getting a work opportunity with The Score Media, and, of course, my sports knowledge would be tested. On day one, I walked in with as much confidence as I could muster, but the nerves were kicking in like I had never experienced before.

I sat down and completed an approximately 10 minute interview. Then came the sports test. Difficult would be an understatement in describing it. A number of questions stumped me, as names I had never even heard of in the sporting world were introduced.

However, to all of you who wish to work in this field one day, do not worry. As I finished the test, I honestly told my instructor that I struggled with some of the names I didn’t follow as much as others. He said that it was okay, and that even many of the employees already working in full time positions at the company would not even come close to knowing all of the answers.

This made me more confident and comfortable in starting my internship. Throughout my experience so far, I can honestly say that I learn something new every day.

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