Journalist turned Public Relations practitioner

By Victoria Di Domenici

My parents called me curious, my brother called me a snitch. My boyfriends were always awestruck when I found out what they were doing behind my back. My girl friends always came to me for the latest scoop on the other group.

Yup, journalism was my calling.

There’s that keyword – was. As a writing aficionado with a passion for socializing and an ability to find out what most couldn’t, for me, becoming a journalist seemed to be the perfect fit. I applied to Carleton, Ryerson, and Guelph-Humber, attending the latter of the three.

Where am I going with all of this? Oh yeah. I realized I was more interested in the communications courses that came along with our Media Studies program. I began exploring and self-teaching myself how to create press kits. I became enamored by opportunities that, by chance, came up to represent people in a positive light, and cover for them when things weren’t going so well. I ventured into the world of freelance Public Relations work, and loved it. Come internship time, I convinced my advisors that a PR internship was right for me, and here I am.

Working for a company that is producing one of the biggest awards shows in Canada is a thrilling experience. Since my start date last January, I’ve learned more than I have in nearly four years of school. How awesome is it to say that I truly love coming to work each and every day? Working towards a goal keeps me motivated to keep producing the best and most efficient work I can. It’s exhilarating trying to complete everything before a deadline – a deadline where not only one person will be reviewing your work, but millions of viewers around the world.

Developing great working relationships with co-workers, learning the ins and outs of the communications and entertainment industry, and expanding on the knowledge and skills that I’ve acquired through both the social and academic aspects of my past have been rewarding. On April 1st, I’m sure I’ll be overcome with an overwhelming sense of reward after seeing the hard work I’ve put in come together in an unforgettable production, built from the ground-up by an amazing team of staff and fellow interns.

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