Has winter got you over-conditioning your hair?

By Camille Co

It’s that time of the year again. Winter weather is drying our locks and leaving our tresses feeling wirey. It is important to keep your mane moisturized but is our fear of thirsty hair causing us to over-condition?

What is it?

Conditioner creates a coat that locks in the natural moisture and oils needed to keep our hair nourished. 

How do I use it?

Normally, it isn’t good practice to rub conditioner into your scalp. It causes the crown of your head to appear flat because the weight of your roots produces more oils.

If your hair is like mine – feels oily at your roots and dry at the ends – then you might want to consider following these steps:

  • After rinsing your hair, squeeze shampoo into your palms and create lather in your hair, avoiding your roots. They are dry and you don’t want to strip the oil by washing it with shampoo. Instead, let the shampoo drip down to your roots.
  • After rinsing out the shampoo, take a quarter-sized amount of conditioner and work that into your roots making sure to leave it in for a few minutes (between two to six).

How often should I use it?

Depends on how healthy your hair is, how long it is, and its texture. If your hair is fried from the chemicals in hair dye, then you may want to consider mixing deep conditioning masks in there. A favourite of mine is the TIGI Bed Head Treat Me Right hair mask.

Try these out!

Deep Repair Masque by Macadamia Natural Oil

Courtesy macadamiahair.com

Intense Hydrating Mask by Moroccanoil

Courtesy moroccanoil.com

Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner by Herbal Essences

Courtesy herbalessences.com

Pure Clean Style Fortifying Conditioner by Garnier Fructis

Courtesy garnier.ca

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