Spring 2012 Book Preview

By: Laura Fixman

Are you looking for a new book to immerse yourself in? If you need a bit of help figuring out which book out of the thousands in the stores to pick up (without having to judge them by their cover), this list of three amazing new books is a good place to get started.

Lone Wolf / Jodi Picoult

Who decides when to take someone off life support? Do the benefits of organ donation outweigh the costs of hastening the death of another? Jodi Picoult addresses these questions in her new book Lone Wolf.

Edward Warren hasn’t seen his father Luke, famous for living in the wild with a pack of wolves, in years. His sister Cara blames her brother for their parents’ divorce and is confident a miracle will return him back to the vibrant and dynamic man he once was. When Luke dies as result of an accident, Cara is suspicious that her brother’s attempts to donate their father’s organs are an act of revenge. The two disagree on which is the most moral decision.

Cara and Edward both wonder if their father loved his wolves more than them. Luke hunted with his wolf pack, slept with them, howled with them, and was eventually accepted as one of them.

Are you looking for a tear-jerker that confronts tough moral questions? This book is perfect.

Thirteen / Kelley Armstrong

It has been 10 years and a dozen novels since Kelley Armstrong introduced us to the Women of the Otherworld. They are a collection of werewolves, witches, vampires, necromancers and half-demons trying to fit in the human world. Thirteen is the novel that ties all these stories together and brings them to a thrilling conclusion.

Savannah Levine, a half-demon, half-witch, was first heard from as a scared teen held captive. In Thirteen, she is older and wiser and uses inner strength to save the world.

Hellhounds, genetically modified werewolves and every conceivable creature, join the war that will decide the fate of the world. For those who already love the series, the book brings back all the characters you’ve grown to know over the course of the last 12 books,

For those new to the Otherworld, this book is a perfect introduction to the world of magic. Thirteen will be released on July 24. Expect kick-ass women like those on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, mixed with the intrigue and mystery of True Blood.

In One Person / John Irving

This first person book explores the life of a 60-year-old bisexual man who struggles with his attraction to men, women and transgendered individuals. The main character, Billy Abbot, tries to change until he considers himself “worthwhile.” Billy’s life as someone considered a “sexual suspect,” by both the gay and straight communities, is examined in Irving’s book, from his adolescence in the 1950s through the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, to the present.

Irving says In One Person, his 13th book, is his most political since A Cider House Rules.

It is also a tribute to his friends and family. The book explores nascent unreturned desires, love, loss, secrecy, and what it means to be different. As Billy says in the novel, “We are formed by what we desire,” and this novel shows his struggles to come to terms with this truth.

The novel both describes several eras in American culture and is an intimate portrait of a solitary man who struggles with self-acceptance. More than a book about politics, is the story of one man discovering his identity.

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