Photos by D’Loraine Miranda The Emerge team has been working hard lately, with production of our spring issue coming to an end and whatnot. Yesterday, we wrapped up our final photo shoot – featuring local menswear labels such as Dreamland and Wilhelm Apparel – for the magazine, and we can’t wait to share it with […]

Emerge iPad Application

Along side the debut of the Spring 2012 publication, Emerge will also showcase the condensed version of the magazine in an iPad application. Editors are working on laying out pages, and gathering multimedia to make the stories come to life. Preview:   

Teaser: Buckle up

Emerge feature writer Caitlin Connelly Thinking of finally planning that vacation but not sure where to get started? Or maybe you want to avoid making the same mistakes that you (and many other young travelers) have made in the past. Check back soon for Emerge writer Caitlin Connelly’s travel tips.

Emerge Bloopers

Check out the latest behind the scene bloopers of Emerge Magazine!

Teaser: Living Green

What to expect from Emerge’s Living Green segment. Directed and edited by Kristina McGarry

Teaser: 90s Baby

There are certain things that speak of nostalgia to every generation. Emerge writer Jen Gata takes us back to the 90s. Directed and edited by Kristina McGarry

Teaser: Is yoga losing its cultural value?

Emerge feature writer Autumn Ladouceur Is yoga too popular for its own good? Does this multi-billion dollar industry over shadow the spiritual essense of this ancient practice? Or should we all embrace the yoga explosion? Check back with Autumn as she explores this developing phenomenon.

Teaser: Are you afraid of the dark?

Emerge feature writer Ashlee Lacasse Have you ever thought of what it would be like to eat a three-course meal in complete darkness? See why putting yourself in a blind man’s shoes for two hours is a lot harder than it may seem. Follow Ashlee on her (messy) journey to Canada’s only dine in the dark […]

Teaser: Toronto Runs

Emerge feature writer Chantel Bound Running doesn’t require fancy apparel, expensive equipment or organization of a team. All you need is a pair of shoes and the determination to get out there and push yourself. So why not make 2012 the year you begin exploring Toronto for the various runs it has to offer? Chantel […]

Teaser: Marijuana-crazy Toronto culture

Emerge feature writer Corey D’Souza Did you vote in the last federal election? If you didn’t, you are actually in the majority considering less than half of eligible voters between ages 18-25 cast a vote in the 2008 Federal Election. Now, the Federal Liberal Party of Canada has introduced a new mandate including the possible […]